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Sweet Slayer
The Dragons of Rhaegos book 3
H.D. March

Scheduled Release: June 2017

Harlinne will forsake her life for revenge, but what will she sacrifice for the chance of love?

In search of the cyborg that killed her brother Harlinne makes a horrific discovery whilst working for the Order of Slayers. Landing on the planet of Lyra after stealing the shuttle she finds her companion hard to lose. Korchek the sexy dragon shifter is an overprotective pot of testosterone who claims she is his mate. Determined to chase down the cyborg Harlinne finds he's involved in a vile trade that goes on deep beneath the mountain of Vass Rise. However Korchek won't take no for an answer and soon she is writhing beneath his hard body. What Harlinne doesn't know is if there is a future for them. Killing the cyborg could mean her own death, yet she can't see any other way. Her oath for vengeance is something she won't deny.

Gladewater Texas Series #2
M.L. Uberti

Scheduled Release: August 2017

A girl on the run settles in a small town in Northeast Texas and finds herself falling in love while she trying to protect her identity, toughen up her dog, and mingle with her nosy neighbors.

Aurora has never met Beckett Carlisle before, but a request from her friend causes their paths to cross and the chemistry between them is off the charts. But Beckett has a secret, and if he has to leave her just when things are starting to heat up, will she wait for him? Two men are waiting in the wings; one with evil intentions and one with good, and Aurora has to figure out what she wants all while trying to learn how to make the best peach pie in the county.

V.C. Buckley

Scheduled Release: August 2017

JIN, the arrogant son of a powerful Tycoon finally meets his match in SAKURA, a mysterious girl who happens to be the secret heir to the Shintani Yakuza -- Japan's most notorious crime family.

KENJIN KIYOHARA, the arrogant son of Asia's most influential Tycoon thinks he's figured everyone out. He is also convinced that no one is good enough for him. Until he meets SAKURA SHINTANI, whose disinterest in him was refreshing, and whose murderous glares were alluring. But when he discovers she's the secret heir to a notorious crime dynasty, he must defeat the odds and earn the right to stand by her sideā€¦ even if it means loosing his own life.

Happy with the Millionaire
The Rosettis #2
Caenys Kerr

Scheduled Release: Sep. 2017

A match between Zach, a self-absorbed, self-made mega-millionaire IT guru and a fun-loving event organizer called Hermione is probably not a match made in Heaven -- or is it?

Zach Yarborough is wheelchair bound even though the doctors say his body has healed. He meets Hermione when his company hires her to organize a Halloween party. He begins to believe he might find with her the happy ever after that his parents have. Then he reads a text that tells him all too clearly that Hermione is like all the other women he's met and only wants his money.

Hermione has built her events business in an abandoned fashion wear factory, established by her great grandparents, to honor her family's legacy. But her business is threatened when Zach belittles her in front of high profile potential clients. Selling the business will break her heart. Keeping it will destroy it.

Zach comes back to apologize when he finds out he was wrong, but can Hermione let herself trust him again?

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Racy: Moderate sensuality, moderate heat, increased frequency of love scenes, more graphic language.

Spicy: High level of sensuality, detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.

Scorching: Intense erotic scenes, may include BDSM and m/f/m or f/m/f menage.


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