Tell It To My Heart

an excerpt

Chapter One

The weekly meeting continued to go on, boring Jin-Yong close to tears. It was the same way every week with these old geezers. If he had his way, he'd get rid of them all and hire some younger guys. At the moment they were arguing about the latest products he had created for the line of men cosmetics set to be unveiled for Valentine's Day at the convention in Los Angeles. At the rate they were going it wouldn't see the light of day for months. How difficult can it be to market a moisturizer and an aftershave?

The subject finally changed to Jin-Yong's upcoming trip to the United States where he would meet with some hotel owners interested in carrying some of his cosmetics. He'd also heard there would be some major department store representatives there too. It had always been his dream to market Jin-Wynn cosmetics globally.

"Are you listening, Jin-Yong?" his uncle Jung asked. Jung Lee, a businessman, had been looking after Jin-Yong since his parents died in a boating accident nine years ago.

"Sorry," Jin-Yong said.

Jung and the others frowned disapprovingly at him.

Jin-Yong fixed his Versace tie and sat up straight in his chair. He did not care what others thought of him.

"We were discussing your upcoming speech at the convention, and I had just told them that I hired an American interpreter to work with you."

"I don't need an interpreter," Jin-Yong said. He'd been practicing his English since he was child, and he could carry on a decent conversation if he had to.

"But you're getting one anyway," his uncle said bluntly. "You'll be in a foreign country and your safety means more to me than your pride."

Jin-Yong rolled his eyes at the ceiling. At twenty-four he was old enough to make decisions on his own, but still the board treated him like a child sometimes.

"This interpreter comes highly recommended and her credentials are excellent," Jung explained.

Her? Jin-Yong decided to pay attention. He sat up straight in his chair. Maybe I've been a bit rash. "Tell me more about the interpreter."

"Her name is Empress Galliano and she's from Los Angeles, California," Jung said to him and the board.

Empress? That's not a good old-fashioned South Korean name. He continued to listen while his uncle discussed her background.

"Miss Galliano lived in Seoul with her parents where she not only learned South Korean, but also Mandarin, Japanese, and French. She has worked with several United States congressmen, some prime ministers, and noted military personnel in an interpreter capacity. She says she would be honored to help Jin-Yong make his American debut at this year's cosmetic convention."

Why do I have the feeling my uncle is up to something? So, she has a glowing work record, but is she fun? He didn't want to get stuck with some old hag who would just bitch at him all day to sit up and mind his manners. When he got to America, Jin-Yong planned to kick up his heels and loosen the apron strings and have a damn good time.

"When will we meet her?" Eui-Kon Choi, his father's best friend, asked.

When Jin-Yong formed his company, his uncle Jung had insisted he ask the older man to become a member of his executive board since he'd been so helpful to his father. Jin-Yong had agreed then, but now, he wasn't so sure he'd done the right thing, especially since he no longer dated the man's granddaughter.

"Soon," Jung answered. "She flew in last night and should be arriving after lunch to meet with us."

Jin-Yong scowled. So, everything had been done without his prior knowledge and he would have to accept the woman whether he wanted to or not. He would meet her, but if he didn't like her he would get rid of her since it was his company.

The meeting finally ended and the board members left the room, leaving him with his uncle. They walked out into the hallway together. A group of people stepped off the elevator.

The woman in the center caught Jin-Yong's attention while his uncle continued to discuss things with him. He hadn't met many black people in his scant lifetime but this one was a sight to behold. She had beautiful chocolate skin, a head of thick dark hair, and astonishing features. He liked her broad nose, full luscious lips, and her almond-shaped, brown eyes. When she smiled, she revealed a mouth of pearly white teeth and her eyes twinkled. Now here is a woman I wouldn't mind getting next to. He had no problems with the fact that she was a bit older than him. He liked his women mature and experienced. Most young women his age only cared about their clothing and their looks and material things.

Jin-Yong picked up all this in the couple of seconds that their paths crossed. He and his uncle stepped inside the now vacant elevator and rode it up the executive floor where their lunch waited.