Until the Snow Melts

an excerpt

Chapter One

She had been in love with Joon Choi since the first time she laid eyes on him. Diana Campbell liked his alabaster skin, his chocolate drop eyes and that slender body. She often fantasized about him being naked in her bed. Of course she would be there too. At the moment he was bundled up in a coat, a scarf, a hat and sunglasses. It was winter time and seriously cold outside. The reason she was in the airport was because she had seen Joon Choi and his four member group Surface perform earlier and she was on her way back home to Louisiana to spend Christmas with her family.

"What do you mean there are no flights leaving tonight?" another guy with Joon said. "We need to get back to South Korea."

The guy behind the counter shook his head. "Not tonight or anytime soon. It's snowing and all airports heading in that direction are down. In fact, the Narita Airport is snowed under and it might take at least a week to dig it out."

There was a tremendous groan among the other people with them. Besides Joon Choi and this man they had the three guys in Joon's group, and the four member female K-pop group K20 and another female, who must be their manager.

"Let's just find a hotel and hunker down for a couple of days," Joon suggested.

"Good luck with that too," the clerk said. "It's nearly Christmas and everything is booked up."

"Why don't we check back with the hotel that we stayed at?" Joon asked.

The other guy took out his cell phone and dialed a number. "Hello, this is Kwang Moon. I and my entourage checked out of your hotel this morning and we were wondering if you have ten available rooms. We're stranded in town because of the snow."

The look on his face was so comical that Diana tried not to laugh. If she did then they would know that she was eavesdropping on their conversation from the line next to them.

"What's wrong?" Joon asked.

"They've already filled our rooms and he said we might not find a room between here and California."

"I know a hotel that might be available," Diana said before she could stop herself. Everyone in Joon's group looked at her. "But you'll have to find a way to get there. It's in a town called Miracle, Louisiana right outside of Baton Rouge." She handed the man with Joon a business card and then walked away to get her plane. If it ever snowed in her home town it would be a miracle.

* * *

Joon watched the young woman as she left the counter with her tickets in hand. He wondered where she was off to. Unbeknownst to her he'd been checking her out since she entered the other line. And for some strange reason he got a funny feeling in his chest when he saw her smile. Yes, she was pretty and appeared to have a nice body under her coat, but he'd never been attracted to anyone outside of his race before. In fact, both his mother and his grandmother would have a fit for him even thinking about her in that way. Yet, there was no doubt there was some interest there on his part.

"What are you watching?" his manager Kwang Moon asked. He looked toward the other line. "Oh, oh! She's very pretty."

Joon looked away and pretended disinterest. "I don't know what you mean?"

"Yeah, sure you don't. Do you want to cause an international scandal? I better call this hotel to see if they have any rooms. Looks like we're going to be stuck down south for Christmas." Kwang took out his phone and dialed the hotel's number. He talked for a few minutes and hung up. "Ten hotel rooms booked for a week. The guy at the desk said we just had to get a flight here tonight and that they would have a hotel van waiting at the airport for us." He turned to the guy at the desk. "Ten tickets to Miracle, Louisiana."

"You're in luck," the guy said. "The flight will be leaving shortly."

Less than an hour later all ten of them were on a plane leaving Houston.

* * *

Diana had just closed her eyes when she heard the phone in her room ring. She reached over and answered. "Hello? What? Okay. I'll be right there." The front desk clerk needed help. She got out of bed and donned her uniform, and then she took the elevator down to the lobby. Imagine her surprised when she saw the members of K20 and Surface standing there. Joon looked surprised to see her too. She bowed and went behind the counter to help her brother pass out keys and room assignments. "Welcome to Miracle." She looked down at the computer. Her brother had put Joon in the suite next to hers. She smiled, betting he'd done it on purpose.

"Aren't you the young lady from the airport?" the man she'd given the business card asked.

"Yes," Diana said. "This is my parent's hotel. I'm Diana Campbell and this is my older brother Kevin." Kevin was busy flirting with the females from K20, but he stopped long enough to bow. "We help out during the holiday."

"I hope this place has food," Nori Lee, the lead singer of K20 said.

Diana knew about this group too. Twenty-four year old Nori had bleached blonde hair, had on a lot of makeup and stood about five-five. Diana towered over her. "We have a restaurant on the other end of the hotel." She pointed in the direction. "They serve food twenty-four hours a day and would gladly prepare something if you want room service." Her grandmother ran the place but had gone home for the day. She picked up the phone. "Mahoney, this is Diana. We have ten hungry guests that just arrived. Please make sure they are treated like family. Yes, there are cute guys with them." Diana smiled and hung up the phone. "Our chef is expecting you."

They got all ten people registered and the bellmen showed them to the elevator and up to their rooms.

"Thanks," Diana said to Kevin. "They're stranded because of the snow."

"It's a good thing you speak Korean, because I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting week."

"They don't know that yet," Diana said. She would only be there until the day after New Year's. After that she would be on a plane heading back to Seoul where she had lived for the last two years.

"How was the concert?"

"Excellent," Diana answered. "These guys are all talented."

"Especially Joon," Kevin said.

Diana nodded. "I'm going back to bed." She waved and headed for the elevator. Tomorrow she was on duty as tour guide.