The Lady Has Needs

an excerpt

Chapter One

Dominick Rathbone looked down from his perch at the two wolves battling on the ground below him.

A young woman stood nearby afraid to move.

The wolves had snatched her as she made her way to her car at the laboratory where Dominick has stopped by for a quick snack. Curiosity had got the best of him. Normally, the wolves didn't venture out of the woods much, and they certainly knew better than to trifle with a human. Hopefully, they had not been seen morphing. He bet their pack leader knew nothing about this little stunt and would probably kick their asses if he found out.

Dominick had seen wolves battle before. They were tearing at each other with claws and teeth and not paying the woman any attention. He switched his focus to her and wondered why she just didn't flee.

She looked pretty from where he stood hidden from the world in the branches of a stately weeping willow. Dominick silently moved closer to get a better look at her. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and the black he wore helped him blend in better. He could certainly see what the ruckus was all about. Pretty auburn hair, big heaving breasts, and a nice ass. Dominick licked his lips. The rest of her wasn't bad either. He wondered if the wolves would mind if he sampled her first. Her blood smelled simply delicious.

Without hesitation, Dominick moved from his position, flew down to the ground, and snatched the woman before she could react. Her screams pierced the night, giving him quite the headache. He took her up higher into the skies until she lost consciousness and kept her that way until they reached the lab. She came to just as he landed safely on his feet. He placed her on the hood of her car.

Pale green eyes stared back at him. Her white lab coat had gotten dirty, no doubt from her trek through the woods with the wolves. The hem of her dress was hiked up to her hips, exposing two shapely legs. Her gaze followed his. She quickly tried to make herself presentable. "Who are you?"

"The name is Dominick Rathbone, pretty lady. And yours?"

"Lillian Moreno."

She showed no fear. Strange.

"Thanks for saving me." She had a sultry voice with a southern dialect. "Those wolves came from out of nowhere." She paused. "You're not one of them, are you?"

Dominick shook his head. Normally he didn't play with his food but she had him interested. "No, something far worse, I'm afraid." He bared his fangs and jumped on her before she could think. He feasted on her blood to quench his thirst.

Lillian fought back, kicking and pounding her fists against him until she ran out of stamina. She fainted in his arms.

Dominick only took enough to sustain him, not enough to stop her heart. He didn't want her dead. In fact, he found her enchanting and wanted to get to know her better. Dominick licked the two little holes in her throat and sealed them. He moved away while she recovered.

"You bit me, you bastard," she said angrily.

"You'll survive, and I assure you that those wolves would have done a lot of damage to you, so be thankful that I came along."

"Love that British accent," Lillian said. Then, she slid from the hood of the car, glared at him and slapped him hard across the face. "That's for biting me without my permission, Dominick. A lady wants to be romanced first."

Dominick dropped fang again, turned on and ready to retaliate. He snarled at her.

Lillian raised her hand again. "If you come near me again, I'll drive a stake through your heart."

Dominick stepped back. "You know what I am?" His cheek smarted from the blow, but his pride forced him to ignore it.

"Yes, you damn demon. I know all about you blood-suckers. I've spent half my life in that damn lab trying to come up with a way to cure your kind and this is how I am rewarded."

Who the fuck is she? He'd been to the blood bank next to the lab numerous times and he'd never seen or heard of her before. But she seemed to know a lot about vampires and werewolves.

"Who is your master so I can tell him what you have done?" She paced as she ranted. If she didn't quiet down some, she would draw attention to them.

"Why aren't you afraid of me?" Dominick asked.

"I'm very much afraid," Lillian said. She bent down and retrieved her purse where she had dropped it when the wolves had grabbed her. She fished around for her key. "But that doesn't mean you can handle me like some common whore in the street."

For a lady, she had a very nasty attitude and a serious case gutter vocabulary.

"You're the one who has been raiding the blood bank, aren't you?"

Dominick bowed. "Guilty as charged." He stayed a safe distance so she couldn't slap him again and so he couldn't follow his heart's desire and gather her back into his arms, bring her home, and fuck her to death. "Why do the work when I can just come here and drink until I'm full. And lucky for you that I just happened to come along or you would be doing it doggy-style with those wolves right about now."

Lillian looked as though she thought about what he said. "Really? Doggy-style with two powerful, male wolves?" She shuddered.

Not the reaction he expected. Maybe the lady had a little kink in her.

She regained her composure. "What pack do they belong to because I plan to lodge a complaint."

She knew too much for a human, but the more she talked the hornier he got. "The Montague pack."

"Jonathan's pack? That figures," she said. "He is going to hear from me on this one."

Amazing. Could she be the pack leader's concubine? "You better go before those wolves come looking for you again."

Lillian pulled a revolver out of her purse. "Let them," she said. "This thing is loaded with silver bullets."

His cock picked this particular time to rise. There was something about a badass that simply turned him on. "It didn't save you the first time," Dominick said matter-of-factly. "I did."

She waved the gun at him. "It can't kill you, but it can make you wish it had."

Dominick hissed at her. Maybe I should have left her with the wolves. "I have a good mind to turn you over my knee and give you a sound thrashing."

The woman shuddered again, and then she smirked arrogantly at him. "Good night to you, Mr. Rathbone." She put the gun away. "If you want blood, just come to the lab and ask for me."

"And if I want more than blood?"

Lillian ran her gaze over him and chuckled. "I don't do dead things. I like my men warm-blooded, hot-natured, and packing in the briefs."

Did she just insult me?

Lillian opened her car door and slid in.

"I can make you cum with just a flick of my tongue and have you screaming out my name in several different languages," Dominick bragged. Who in the hell did she think she was anyway?

Lillian just rolled her eyes, shut the car door, and started it up.

Dominick watched her drive away. Why did he get the feeling that this woman might be the death of him?

Lillian returned and rolled down the window. "Get in," she said to him.

Dominick foolishly slid into the passenger seat and Lillian drove away from the curb again.

* * *

Maybe she was a little bit out of her mind, or starved for companionship, but there was something about the handsome vampire that just got to her. Not in the heart, but between the legs.

Maybe it was those cool brown eyes or all of that thick blond hair that did it for her. She'd met other vampires before but none of them had turned her on within the first hour in their company. It had taken some negotiating for one of them to get her out of her clothing. She wasn't opposed to dating one of the undead. She just hated waking up the next morning next to a corpse. The wounds on her neck still stung where he had bitten her.

"Where are you taking me?" Dominick asked.

"My place," Lillian answered. She ran her gaze over him while they were parked at a red light. He was really handsome and she dug his accent. And he looked like he had some nice muscles under that tailored suit.

"You're taking a vampire to your apartment. Are you crazy? You know, once I find out where you live, it might be impossible to get rid of me?"

"I'll take my chances," Lillian said. "Maybe once you get there you might not want to leave."


Lillian smirked. She had absolutely shocked him. After hearing his name, she had realized who he was. He was one half of a powerful vampire team that owned one of the only casinos in the area making money. They also owned a couple of hotels in New Orleans. Lillian had been interested in them for a long time since they also controlled the vampire population in eastern New Orleans, but she'd never had the privilege of meeting them until now.

The light turned green and Lillian started driving again. "What do you do, Dominick? Do you have a job or are you independently wealthy?"

"Both," Dominick answered. "I help manage a casino, a couple of hotels, and I own a club in the French Quarters."

She did not know that part. "What kind of club?"

"Jazz," he answered. "What about you? What do you do at the lab?"

"Technically, I study blood, blood-forming organs, and blood diseases. I'm a medical technician."

"And you like working with cells and blood protein?" Dominick asked.

"Yes," Lillian answered. "I'm also studying to be a hematologist so I can help with cancer research."

Dominick looked over at her. "I've never met anyone like you before. "

Lillian drove into her driveway and parked her car. She got out and Dominick followed her up the walkway and up the stairs.

"Do you live here alone?"

"Yes, so don't think about doing anything stupid."

Dominick laughed. "You've invited me to your home. I think you're missing some cards in your deck."

Lillian laughed at him and opened the door. "Wait right here until I turn off the alarm." He couldn't come inside anyway unless she invited him or turned off the wards she had set on the house. She wasn't magical but her family did know a powerful voodoo mambo that helped them out with charms and incantations to protect themselves with. The house itself was enchanted and Lillian would know in a few seconds if she had made a big mistake. Lillian entered first, turned off the alarm, and headed back to the door. Dominick stood just outside looking simply elegant in a black suit, shirt, and tie. "You may enter my home."

Dominick stepped over the doorsill and the house allowed him to enter.

Well, what do you know? The house likes him. Normally, it wouldn't have let him inside and would have automatically tossed him into the yard. Lillian was far from being a fool. If she didn't trust him, he would be dead by now.

"You have a lovely home," Dominick said looking around as they left the foyer and front room.

"Thanks." She took him to the den. "Would you care for a drink?"

"You keep blood in your home?"

"A synthetic kind," Lillian answered. She walked over to the mini bar and fixed him a drink she had invented for her vampire friends. She walked over and handed it to him. "You don't have to drink it if you don't want to. Most vampires I know only want to drink the real thing."

Dominick accepted the glass. "Thank you."

"I'll be right back," she told him. "I just need a quick shower and then we can get down to business."

"Mind-numbing sex?"

Lillian nodded. "But you will have to be the judge of that." Lillian walked away and left him. He would be okay. The house had her back.

* * *

Dominick sampled the drink. If she was trying to poison him, he would know it immediately. It tasted like blood…the real thing, heated to body temperature and very tasty. He moved his tongue around in his mouth. It didn't leave the rusty taste that normal blood did. Egad, what has she invented? He continued to drink it.

Several minutes later, he heard the water stop plopping against the shower stall. Dominick polished off the rest of the drink and waited patiently for Lillian. She made a grand entrance wearing a black leather bustier bra with matching panties. Firm breasts peeked out at him and even jiggled when she walked.

Dominick gulped. Black fishnet stocking and slippers with very high heels completed the outfit. He fought to keep his fangs from exploding through his gums. He didn't want to let her know how turned on she had him. The riding crop in her hand added to the ambiance. "Is that for me or for you?"

Lillian fully entered the room, allowing him to get a very good look at what she had to offer. "My house, my party, Dominick."

He hadn't had his ass spanked in centuries. He put the empty glass on the cocktail table and walked over to her. "I hope you know how to use that thing."

Lillian reached behind him and squeezed one of his butt cheeks. "Mmm, I like a man with a great ass."

Dominick's cock throbbed in his briefs. He swept the feisty wench up into his arms. "Which way to your bedroom?"

"Upstairs, first door on the right," Lillian said.

Walking would have taken him too long, so he flew her up to the room. He had to juggle her some to open the door. Dominick stepped inside. There was a bed in the huge room. The rest of the equipment just simply blew his mind. "I don't know anyone who owns their own rack anymore." He closed the door with his foot and placed Lillian on the floor.

Lillian walked over to a huge closet and opened it.

Dominick followed. "Oh my gawd." The woman had a huge assortment of bondage toys, restraints, butt plugs, whips, straps, and an assortment of vibrators and dildos. He swallowed. Maybe he should have called Cyril and let him know where he was in case he became a statistic.

Lillian fingered a purple blindfold. "Pick your poison," she said to him.

Dominick picked up a cute pair of restraints and a matching collar.

Lillian put away the riding crop and chose a leather whip with a butt plug attachment.

Dominick shuddered. This is going to be one hell of an adventure.

"Strip," Lillian ordered. "Slowly."

Dominick toed out of his shoes first, and then removed the suit coat.

Lillian pretended not to notice as she searched through a shelf of assorted lubes and gels.

Dominick was down to his briefs and socks when she finally looked his way.

She raised an interested auburn eyebrow and ran her tongue over her bottom lip.

Dominick shuddered with desire. Usually, he took the lead, but he didn't mind being the submissive this time.

"Lose the briefs, but keep the socks," Lillian said.

She was definitely an odd chick. Dominick slowly lowered the black briefs, exposing his rapidly hardening cock, the family jewels and his ass to the Femdomme.

"Assume the position," Lillian ordered.

Dominick walked over to the bed, bent over it, and presented his buttocks to her. The first lash made him quiver in pain, but his dick stood straight up harder than it'd ever been in years. And Lillian kept turning the whip on him until his arms and legs began to protest.

She finally stopped and walked over to him to admire her handiwork. A soft hand rubbed and stroked his ass. "The skin is hardly broken and it's nice and red," she said to him. She gave one of the cheeks a little kiss. "Have you ever been ridden before?"

"Once or twice," Dominick said, remembering his private times with Cyril when they first met. Right now that seemed like so very long ago. His butt cheeks burned and his cock throbbed as Lillian began working some lube inside of his ass with two of her slender fingers. Seconds later she removed them and slid in the plug at the base of the whip.

"Oh my," Dominick said as his ass opened for the probe. He hadn't felt anything so good in a long time.

"You're enjoying this a little too much," Lillian said as she removed the plug. "Maybe I need to use something different." She walked away from him, entered the closet and walked out wearing a strap-on with a dildo. "Get on the bed."

Dominick did as he was told. He climbed on the bed and faced forward, not wanting to see the satisfaction in her eyes as she lubed up the dildo and prepared his ass for penetration.

Lillian climbed aboard and gripped him by the hips to bring him closer to her.

He felt the cold rubber as it nudged his little pucker. "Ah!" he cried out as Lillian pushed it into him and began fucking him with vigor. Dominick didn't break the role as submissive as Lillian had her way with him. To rock back and forth on his knees meant he was enjoying the act instead of suffering at her hands. She had chosen a very large dildo and it took everything in him to keep from crying out in pain.

"You like this, don't you?" Lillian asked as she moved the dildo in and out of his sore ass.

"No, Mistress Lillian," Dominick said. "I feel seriously violated."

Lillian just laughed and continued to fuck him up the ass.

If she could see beneath him, she would have seen that he was lying. His cock was hard and he had to fight against the orgasm that rippled in his belly. "Oh shit," he said as he lost the war. Cum spurted from his cock as he came. His entire body shook as Lillian eased out of him.

Lillian pushed him off of his knees and he landed in the cool sticky semen.

"You're an evil bitch," Dominick said breathing hard.

Lillian chuckled wickedly as she stepped from the bed and removed the strap-on.

Dominick watched her put the contraption into a basket on a table marked dirty things. Lillian did have a sense of humor. A bit dark, but none the less, humorous.

"How long will it take you to recover?" she asked.

Dominick was off the bed and had her in his arms before she looked up. "I'm ready now," he said. He lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. "My turn to lead," he said. He ripped the bra off of her first, exposing the two ripe melons. Dominick ran his tongue over his fangs. "You are beautiful. Let me see the rest of you." He released Lillian.

She walked away from him.

Dominick watched that ass. The jiggling just took his breath away. He sat down on the bed.

Lillian sat down in a chair, removed the heels and then slowly slid one stocking down her toned thigh and leg. She did the same with the other one. Finally she stood up and removed the panties, revealing a trimmed patch of auburn curls. Everything about the woman was natural from her hair color to her boobs. Dominick liked that. He hated touching those squishy fake things that women liked to get to enhance their breasts. "Do you like what you see?" She turned around to give him a glimpse of the total package.

"You have a great ass," Dominick said as he began stroking his dick. He reached for the lube Lillian had abandoned on the bed earlier, opened it and squeezed some in his palm. He massaged his cock with it and Lillian watched as it sprang to life and grew in size.

"It better not be cold," Lillian threatened as she made her way back over to the bed.

His entire body felt as if it was on fire. "Come here, wench," he said.

Lillian climbed on the bed and over him, and then lowered her body until their sexes met. There was no need for a condom since vampires carried no known human diseases. Lillian spread the lips of her pussy and Dominick guided his cock through the tiny sopping wet hole. He thrust his hips upward and he entered her roughly.

"Ah!" Lillian cried out as he tore through her. "It feels so good." She rode him, moving that fantastic body up and down. Their sexual organs made sloshing sounds as they fucked.

Dominick flipped the temptress on her back, raised one of her legs so that it rested against his chest, and then he entered her again with a mighty thrust.

Lillian's body shuddered as he introduced more and more of his dick into her inviting pussy. And she didn't just lay there like a dead carp. She rolled her hips and ground her pelvis into his as they made love.

Sweat poured from both of their bodies.

"Fuck me harder, Dominick. I can take it." She maneuvered her legs around his waist and sank down further.

Dominick slid out to the head and then buried his cock to the hilt.

"Oh shit!" Lillian exclaimed as her body opened up to accept him.

Dominick rode her this time, pumping his cock in and out of her quickly and deeply. He'd never been with any woman who could withstand him in full throttle. He didn't take it easy on her because she was a human. He was powerful and he liked to fuck hard.

"Ah, ah, ah I'm coming," Lillian said after several minutes of serious screwing. She went off, drenching Dominick's cock with her juices.

Dominick continued to fuck her as he felt another wave of ecstasy working its way through his stomach and balls. "Hold on, pretty Lillian. I'm about to blow." Dominick bent his body into a seated position, lifting Lillian from the mattress until she was seated almost in his lap. He buried his face into the side of her neck and bit into the thick vein. Lillian's body exploded as she came again.

"Oh shit, Dominick!"

Dominick continued to feed off of her. The orgasm exploded in him and his body convulsed as it emptied a huge amount of hot spunk deep inside her quivering cunt. He retracted his fangs and sank down on top of her when his cock stopped firing.

Lillian passed out beneath him.

"Whew!" Dominick said. "It was the best sex, ever." He stole a kiss from the unconscious woman and then sealed the marks on her neck once again before rolling off of her.

Lillian immediately awakened, gasping for breath. "You bit me again." She raised her hand to strike him, but Dominick caught and held it.

"I couldn't help it," he said. "You just blow me away." He took advantage of her weakened state and kissed her senseless. Dominick finally released her.

Lillian's chest heaved as soon as she could breathe. She flopped down on the pillow next to him.

Dominick wanted her again, but Cyril was waiting from him at home. "Sleep," he said.

Seconds later, Lillian's body relaxed next to his and she closed her eyes.

Dominick got off the bed, dressed, and stepped outside. He said a simple incantation to return the wards and protection back to the house. He felt the spell taking affect or La Fleur s'pres former as it was called in the Voodun religion. He walked away, and then disappeared into the night knowing Lillian was safe.