Sweet Slayer

an excerpt

Chapter One

Korchek blinked into the light that glared with the harsh intensity of a laser beam. He rolled over and tried to recall what the frack had happened. One moment he'd been sitting in front of the control deck and next the sexy little blonde had come onto him. Well sort of he amended.

Nothing but blackness followed.

Silence filled the area of wherever they'd landed. He tried to get his bearings, still disorientated.

Noticing the array of lights flashing from the console he pressed a button.

"What?" Korchek really wasn't in the mood to be civil.

"Just what the stars are you up to? I was about to come search for you?" His brother's voice rippled deep and husky, which meant he was also pissed. "What's happened and why did that female give me a load of crap?"

"Don't ask. I'm on Lyra I assume, because that's where the crazy bitch wanted to go."

"Who? That little blonde you're taken with?"

Korchek winced at the teasing tone in Kovac's voice.

"The same one that told me you were intent on taking out some pirates? Oh and congratulate her on her acting. She's good."

"What the frack are you talking about?"

"When she answered my com, the interference that cut us off. So where were you?"

"Unavailable," hedged Korchek. He wasn't going to live this down and now understood how Garrus felt.


"She must have injected me with something, I blacked out and next thing I wake up here."

"So what were you doing not to notice she was holding a fracking syringe?" yelled Kovac.

Korchek moved on slow limbs testing them out. "Look, brother, shut the stars up. I wasn't expecting it okay? But she's so going to regret this."

"What do you intend? I can't keep the Alpha Draconis hidden for much longer. I need to move on."

"Do it, I'm on my own mission. To hunt down the little bitch and discover just why she's so desperate to return to Lyra. Before you say anything it's not because she's homesick. Of that I'm certain," swore Korchek. The idea of a sweet little thing, and how she'd played to his good side so pissed him off.

"I don't think that's a good idea, I suggest you teleport up and we'll deal with her at a later stage."

"No way, brother, I'll sort this out, I mean she might be underhanded and sneaky but so am I." He gave a not so nice grin. "Plus the idiot might be playing a game, but I'm not. So now I need to educate her. Korchek style."

Kovac stayed silent for a nanosecond before answering. "Takarai, brother, but I have a strong feeling that female is not at all what she seems. Take heed of my warning."

Korchek laughed. "You honestly think that woman could hurt me? Come on, she might be sneaky and underhanded, but she's harmless. Heck Harlinne is innocence personified. If she did anything it was because she was forced I'm certain. So I intend finding out who is pulling her strings."

Kovac's sigh came loud and clear. "Sorry, brother, but when you find the puppet master, don't say I didn't warn you."

Korchek frowned at his words, then dismissed them. No way could Harlinne be anything other than what she appeared to be.

Sweet, desirable and needing to be looked after. Purity radiated from her and he wouldn't listen to his brother.

What he needed to do was discover why she'd somehow made him unconscious and what her reasons were for returning to Lyra.

He recalled Harlinne's words about her family. None of which he believed so swept that aside. Instead he'd track her, and discover exactly why she wanted to remain on this planet. Whatever trouble she was in, he'd sort it out. A protective haze blew over Korchek recalling her gentle face.

It was serene and beautiful. He couldn't imagine Harlinne being anything but kind and innocent.

"Take the ship back to Rhaegos, I'll com you when I discover her whereabouts and will let you know the collection point."

Shock filled Kovac's response. "What? Are you intent on fetching her with you?"

"Of course, she doesn't know it yet, but she's my mate."

"Are you insane?" rasped Kovac. "You don't know her, she drugged you and ran and you're telling me she's your mate? Frack you must have some brain damage."

Korchek gave a snort. One that indicated irritation. "Leave it there, brother, I know what I feel, and it will be her, as soon as I explain what she is to me. Simple."

"Er don't think so Korchek, you've got a spark loose. Just because you think that, it doesn't mean she will go along with it."

Korchek chuckled. "Look, I know how I can attract and charm the opposite sex. So believe me, brother my mate is going to fall at my feet. Trust me in this."

"Whatever, I give up, call me when you're ready to leave. I think that between Kobalt and Garrus your brain is addled. You're confusing mating with lust."

Korchek sighed as at last the call died. Frack his brother thought the worse of everyone. His mate was just that, a sweet perfect partner. One that would be a good mother for his dragies.

With a smile on his face Korchek stepped outside the shuttle. Giving a shudder at the chilled wind, he faced the panoramic view from his location.

A vista of rolling mountains and sporadic flashes of rolling rivers met his curiosity. Massive fungi rose and shadowed the land, an umbrella of stealth. The huge trunks reached up high kissing the air, the stalks a massive diameter they continued to worship the sky. Long tendrils snaked upwards along with an overpowering scent of musk.

Equally large flowers teamed, on long tenuous stems which somehow held up the large bulbous flowers that scented of sweet honey. The strong aroma blew on a soft breeze overpowering the pungent odor of fungi.

Yet more of it lay on the ground. Amid a flush of orange ferns the mushroom shapes covered the area. Huge platters settled in a bland setting amongst the stilted fauna.

Korchek peered into the distance, his eyes crinkling at the sight of a sprawling city. He wondered just how Harlinne had left, checking the dust strewn ground spotted small signs. Following her footsteps, he came to an abrupt stop at the sight of huge hoof prints. He didn't know what it was or how the creature had been summoned, at the set of tracks decided he's soon find out. Unease filled him that this was premeditated and planned. However he shook off that suspicion, where Harlinne was involved she was too sweet to do anything untoward.

First he needed to get together some essential supplies, including weapons. Like Garrus, Korchek preferred hand to hand combat. It gave him a sense of satisfaction at defeating his enemy whilst looking into their eyes. Although he packed a pulse pistol, it wasn't his preferred way of fighting. Yet knew at times there was no choice.

He'd learned that as a mercenary. Mixing with the dregs of the universe had taught him a lot.

With everything he needed in the small bag he tied to his ankle with an extendable strap he immediately changed form. His majestic silver dragon arched its head and blew a ripple of soft flames. Launching off the surface, powerful legs drove him forward as his wings beat on a steady rhythm. He soared high, yet could still determine the tracks through the scrubland.

Nearing the city huge pillars stood at the entrance with a domed arch. The name etched into the stone work. Basala. A wall similar to that on Rhaegos stretched into the distance keeping the unwanted out.

Korchek spotted a glade shrouded by fungi and landed. With a speed borne of familiarity he changed forms and slipped into his clothes. Satisfied he remained unseen, Korchek strode towards the citadel.

Within hours he'd be fucking his mate. At the thought his cock hardened. What it was about her he didn't know, but his dragon gave a low growl.



Harlinne scrubbed her mass of hair back. Shit she was frustrated. It didn't help that her thoughts remained back at the shuttle. On the irritating dark haired Korchek. She dragged the hood back that covered her hair.

The entrance into the city had been made in stealth bearing in mind there was a price on her head. Jumping down to the ground, Harlinne tethered her mount. She did a quick check and merged into the shadow of the nearby alley. Swiftly running with unerring steps she stopped alongside an abandoned building. Pushing inside Harlinne headed towards a steel door, and zapping her palm on the chilled metal slowly it opened to reveal a lift. Her fingers stabbed at the buttons and her stomach fluttered as it dropped down with mind numbing speed.

Harlinne strode into the underground headquarters of The Order. She made her way through the maze of corridors that meandered through the station. Finally reaching the office of Mace, she stepped into his sanctuary. The interior was minimal, a stark room with a large desk and several hard chairs. No comfort made a representation.

Instead the area was filled with a chilled appearance. A large map of the planet Lyra covered one wall. Aside from that it was a bare naked sanctum, she gave a nod to Mace seated behind a desk littered with papers and saluted him.

Not many people earned her respect but this man, well needless to say he was her idol. Not sexually, heck never that, although there wasn't a part of him that wasn't up for screwing.

He was a male that was filled with testosterone. Lush, hot and oh so fuckable. However she reasoned that most of the team of The Order of Slayers were the same.

Sexually in overload.

Well apart from the females. All two. Krissa and Talira. The fact there weren't many women meant she'd forged a strong bond. Especially with Krissa who had become like a sister to her.

God but she loved and trusted her, and not many could claim to hold that accolade. There was so much they had in common. Plus Krissa was one of the best fighters around, she'd trained Harlinne.

Also as much as Harlinne could enjoy humping Mace, knew that Krissa held a crush for him. So he was strictly off limits. Not as if he would fall and fuck her, but one never knew.

Especially as the man appeared to screw off site. Neither was he selective, her research had discovered that. Somehow she wasn't surprised he had a high sex drive, looking like a prime stud he had his pick of women.

Yet who was she to comment?

Mace indicated she sit.

He held a raw aura. One of pure sexual energy. A full Lyran that fitted the type. Tall, blond and blue eyed with a lithe yet muscled physique. The way he moved sent shivers down her spine. He really was a hot and oh so sexy bastard.

"Your report?"

Mace didn't waste time. He went straight for the jugular taking no prisoners. Much as Harlinne agreed, she was inclined not to when she was on the receiving side.

"Nothing to say, apart from what we already know."

"Which is?"

"My time on Esconus proved nothing, except that Crisk was taken out. Sort of, I left him hanging on to breath. One that by now should have been the last one."

Mace studied her for a moment. "And Raprox, did you discover anything about him?"

Harlinne paused, trying to phrase it.

She knew her captain had an explosive temper and wasn't certain how he'd react. He was aware of what had happened in her past, from the dark she'd found herself hurled into along with the death of Rorc. No-one else knew, each and every one of them had some secret. It was why they worked against the Council.

The team of inner sanctum was under the control of the deluded cyborg and another. One that they needed to discover the name of.

There were too many questions and not enough answers. The fact they could be killed didn't worry any of the team. It was all about taking back control of the state of Lyra. One that was being systematically destroyed, both financially and morally.

Too many people had disappeared after voicing dissent. Yet with the amount of differing species on the planet a finger could never be pointed. They knew who was responsible. It was proving it.

When Raprox had appeared several trimesters ago no one knew he was cyborg. Swiftly he'd ingratiated himself into the Council, taking over control. Mace in charge of security had quit in disgust, followed by his men. It was from that moment their underground movement had begun.

Along with Harlinne's foray into spying. She had stayed with the Council, and reported her findings. Yet apart from his bullying tactics and lack of conscience nothing could be discovered.

When attacks started on the ships flying out valuable minerals of Crydrite and Zultinium alarm bells rang. Both could be used for generating an immense power, enough to run a large space cruiser.

Someone was making a huge profit. Questions arose, who and why?

The only lead was Raprox and how he'd come to appear on Lyra in charge of export. Yet that wasn't a mystery, many varieties of species used Lyra as their home.

However when he'd moved out of the city to a remote fortress in the forest it became clear he was up to something.

Despite several forays the team hadn't gained any information on the place. It was an impenetrable vault. Instead Mace had directed their attention onto the Council members and the missing ships. Which also included a number of women. Why females were being abducted no one knew. Except it wasn't for the good of humanity, whoever was behind the kidnappings had nefarious reasons.

Mace nudged her. "Raprox?"

"I discovered that Raprox was responsible for my brother's death so he knows that I'll be hunting him. Crisk warned him, he tried to kill me, but didn't succeed, obviously."

"What stopped him?" asked Mace with a lazy drawl that was deceptively quiet.